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Why do we chant in Yoga classes ?

A while ago I began my class chanting the Student Teacher prayer mantra also known as the Shanti Mantra. It is a beautiful and moving prayer that if chanted with intention can provoke some deep feelings. Have a listen to it here

At the end of the class one of the students approached me and asked me why do we chant ?

What a great question !

I know that chanting makes me feel inspired and more connected to my spiritual side. I also know that the first time I heard my teacher chant in class I felt a little uncomfortable , but then maybe that is part of the magic of chanting and how it manages to go deep into our soul.

Chanting is common in many religions and cultures, it is part of what makes us human, it brings us together and uplifts our spirits .

In yoga , chanting is also known as KIRTAN, a practice of repeating mantras in the ancient language of Sanskrit. The mantras have been passed down through generations of sages and they carry great shakti (spiritual energy) such that when we chant we become alive and connected to our real, free nature.

Many people regard chanting as complicated , religious or dogmatic but it's not , it is in fact a powerful alternative to silent meditation which can bring a deep sense of connection and inner peace as well as bring about deep change.

Several schools of Yoga such as Ashtanga and Kundalini include time dedicated to chanting in every practice and some of the chants are truly beautiful and resonate with our own personal vibrations in a profound way.

If you want to find out more this site is fantastic and has lots of free downloads.

Om Shanti

Thank you for reading



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