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Everything happens for a reason

What a strange month March was , snow fell not once but twice , a major espionage/ international incident engulfed a sleepy town in Wiltshire and Stephen Hawkings moved on to explore his next universe. What about your life, did you have any un-expected events? We often react to unexpected events in a negative way and ask ourselves : "Why me? Why now? Why are you doing this to me universe?"

Humans have always toyed with the idea of something invisible playing with their lives: we call it fate, providence ,

God , deus ex machina, sometimes we thank it , sometimes we curse it !

I would normally be the first one to explode into a tirade of Italian colourful language if for example something falls on my toe or a light changes to red at the last second but lately I have been noticing some sort of serendipity to unexpected events in my life and the life of others.

Examples vary from someone missing out on booking for a 6 weeks course with me for then finding out they have a shoulder injury that would have prevented them from attending anyway, to the snow forcing us all to slow right down and take notice of life, to someone missing a train but finding an old friend to chat with.

Of course some events are more painful and impactful then others and turn our lives upside down like an illness or worse the loss of a loved one but they are all here to teach us something , mostly about ourselves.

In my mindfulness practice I have slowly learnt to watch myself and my thoughts as they arise. Sometimes these thoughts are negative and sad but I can sit with them and lovingly hold myself through the darkness. Sometimes they are happy thoughts and I wish they would last forever , they never do.

In both cases you are learning , experiencing yourself travelling through life and discovering you are stronger than you think , brighter than you think and calmer than you think.

In those moments you can pause, breath and be present and let things run their course because as the wise Master Hugwe says : "There are no accidents"

So the next time something unusual or un-expected happens why not question your first thoughts, look for the lesson , you will eventually see that everything really does happen for a reason ... you just can't see it yet.

Love and light x


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