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Yoga's most precious gift.

When I was setting up my website and yoga business in early 2016, I found myself reflecting on what the real value of my proposition as a yoga teacher would be.

I played around for a while with lots of different names inspired by Sanskrit words and for a while I just couldn’t put into words the key element that inspired me to become a yoga teacher and spread the word.

I put my business brain on decided that I would need a name, a logo and a tag-line. The name and logo were relatively easy but the tag line remained elusive for several weeks. I knew I wanted to have one but didn’t know how to create it or even think of it …

One night I was scribbling on my “random ideas pad”, then it hit me … what I wanted to share with others is the true gift of Yoga to free us from what we think we are and know, to free us from the “boxes”we or others put us in.

As simple as it sounds it is not easy to "Be present , be you" in our busy modern lives, we always have too much to do. We are mothers, sons, husbands, partners, directors, saleswomen, teachers, priests and plumbers. We are too heavy,too skinny, too pale, too young,too old, too unfit and the list goes on... but who are we really?

The shortest of practice helps take the layers off and takes us closer to discovering our true authentic selves … no wonder Yoga is such a hit with people serving time or suffering from mental health challenges.

We are much more than just our bodies , much more than just what others think of us … and much more than what we think of ourselves …

As we lie in Shavasana our bodies become still, our minds begin to wander and our breath gently brings us back into the moment. The mat and the ground welcome our bodies without any judgement about our weight, our shape or our sweat. We sink into the mat as we let go of tension and then the magic happens, we drift into a world between alertness and sleep where our breath is a continuous thread with no beginning and no end and where we feel a connection to ourselves and the universe around us.

Join the millions who take time to practice even if for only a few minutes a day, roll your mat out and practice Yoga, lay on the ground and find the beauty of being authentically present.

You can read more about my own experience of "being present and being me" on my website

Love and Light!




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