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Warning! A regular Yoga practice could seriously change your life : a real-life case study

Sally started yoga with me a year ago with a friend who was suffering from back pain, this was her review after her first private session :

Some weeks later she was joined in her sessions by her husband Colin , also suffering from lower back issues and tightness in his shoulders and hamstrings.

Sally's medical form listed the following conditions: rheumathoid arthritis, lymphoedema, scolliosis , scleroderma,asthma,hypermobility, skin grafts on the back of the knee following the removal of the back of the knee, pain, stiffness, swelling, balance issues.

Her intention was to work on her flexibility as well as pain relief and has always been very keen in learning the philosophy of yoga and meditation as well.

Last night (almost a year to the day since Sally started practising), Colin and Sally practised supported hand-stand for the first time: a pose that requires upper body strength, core awareness , confidence and flexible hips, a seminal moment in their yogic journey and proof that with consistency and dedication , you can achieve anything.

Sally's first session was followed by countless other sessions both private and in groups , both with myself and other local yoga teachers. I think at some point she was attending 3 classes a week.

This blog was written with the intention to share a real life experience of how yoga can change your life for the better IF you are willing to commit and be patient.

This also serves as a reminder that your yoga teacher is here simply to shine a light on the path but you will have to walk that path yourself.

Marzia:"Sally, what kind of physical improvements have you seen since you started practising yoga regularly ?"

Sally:" I have noticed a lot of changes in my body that I was not expecting like my skin is much better, the oedema in my fingers and hands is now rarely an issue and the same with my swollen leg and ankle ."

Marzia: "Have you noticed any change in your sleep?"

Sally: "Since the first session I have noticed doing yoga in the evening makes me sleep much better. I occasionally even nod off during Savasana in class and wake up feeling super rested."

Marzia: "When you first started you had some mobility issues, have they been addressed?"

Sally:"My balance has improved dramatically - I haven’t used a walking stick since the first month starting with you. My back is much straighter, my core strength has gone through the roof ,and my hips are more flexible and generally I feel much looser in the limbs.

The 1 and 3/4 stone weight loss ( with no dietary changes!) has meant that I’ve been able to ride a horse again and not suffered afterwards for the first time in at least 10 years. Colin is also pain free for the first time in years and so much more pleasant."

Marzia:" Have you noticed any more subtle changes beyond the obvious physical ones?"

Sally : "I used to be in pain much of the time and now it is very much reduced, my mood is much brighter and I feel more positive and a lot calmer.

I’m sure I’ve missed some of the changes I have experienced but I can say without any doubt that you have genuinely changed my life and Colin’s ."

Thank you for sharing your experience Sally , you are a great example of determination and dedication and I am so so proud of how far you have both come in your journey.

In the words of Iyengar : Yoga is a light that once lit never dims ... in your case it will just keep shining brighter and brighter .

Namaste xx


PS : If you would like to find out more about private sessions and programs please email me

Sally has been attending regular private sessions for a year.


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