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A final lesson from lockdown : ... and life is good

Oh look's 4days to Christmas ? How did that happen? It has been a long year ... or has it? everyone I speak to seems to be surprised by how quickly December has come around ... it has indeed been a strange time.

My blog has been a bit quiet too, I have not felt like writing much, although I have several draft posts ready to go my heart just was not into writing blog posts for the last 2-3 months ... I think now is the time to so I would like to look back at these months or uncertainty and constant change and turn the page of 2020 with a little reflection so here we go ...

Everything seemed to be "normal" in January , planning retreats and new venues and planning the year ahead with some trips to Italy, saving up for a trip to India etc...then all of a sudden news started to appear about a novel virus in China, things escalated quickly and by the end of March we were all told to "stay at home". Now cast your mind back to that time, I bet you are feeling some strong emotions in your belly right now just thinking back to that moment when Boris gave us the news we were dreading. Now pause for a moment ... observe how you feel and where you feel it ...isn't the mind wonderful, a memory can cause such turmoil in our bodies ... now pause and say outloud ... "and life is good!" that same mind can also take us to better places almost instantaneously, could you feel a shift when you said the words ?

Since March we have been through a full national lock-down, loo-roll Armageddon, the flour apocalypse , hand-sanitiser doomsday, eat-out to spread out 😁, a second not so national not so lock-down ... and yet we are still here, still going. Yes we have had many of our liberties taken away and somehow have been forced to spend a lot more time with our families and ...ourselves.

By the way, how did that pan out for you? What sort of discoveries have you made? ... now pause and say ou-tloud ... "and life is good!" ... See ! It isn't difficult to change your state of mind

On a serious note though , do not under-estimate the power of self-suggestion! You spend an awful lot of time talking to yourself in your own mind, make sure your self-talk is helpful and kind.

The time for resolutions is fast approaching, had you made any resolutions back in March? How did they unravel? Did you manage to remain disciplined when you were not motivated? I hear you ... it has been a mixed bag here too. What I found most helpful was to have someone to keep me accountable, I loved been responsible for bringing you un-interrupted yoga for all these months , I loved having a nutrition coach for 3 months to change some of my habits and I love been part of my Triathlon team and know that if I do not turn up for a session I will be missed.

And life is indeed good 😊

So here is to all of us who made it through this year, here is to all those who have suffered and lost someone , here is to all those who are struggling with the effects of this totally unpredictable event, nothing lasts forever , not event the 2020 pandemic ( although it certainly feels like it has!) , Life is Good not because of the things we can or cannot own, or the places we can or cannot go to , life is good because of the people around us, because of the challenges that force us to be better and stronger.

May you spend a peaceful Christmas and New Year, make sure you stay safe so that you can spend many more celebrating with your loved ones.

Best wishes to you all 🎄🎄🎅🎅

Love and light



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