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4 Yoga books for beginners

Happy World Book Day ! Have you ever bought a Yoga book? Are you thinking of buying one but don't know where to start ? Here are a few suggestions based on my own experience that may offer some inspiration .

1. Light on Yoga - BKS Iyengar

This is a fabulous introduction to the fascinating world of Yoga covering its history, the basic philosophy, 200 postures and several pranayamas as well as progressive sequences and nearly 600 very helpful black and white pictures. Often referred to as the Bible of modern yoga this is definitely a great starting point.

2. Jivamukti Yoga - Sharon Gannon and David Life

This is a beautiful book that gives you an insight into the passionate creation of this modern style of yoga. What made this book stand out for me is the beautiful sequences depicted in strips. Utterly inspiring, a book to read on the beach during Summer. The preface by Sting is the cherry on the cake.

3. Yoga body, Buddha mind - Cyndi Lee

I got this book on Amazon for pennies and I really enjoyed reading it because of its informal style. Not only it shines a light on postures from beginners to advanced in a gradual way , it also introduces some fundamental meditation concepts that I find myself going back to time and time again. This book shows you how Yoga can fit into a modern Western life-style.

4. Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha

This book is a great complement to all of the above. It strips everything back to basics , offering guidance on how to get the best out of approximately 84 asanas. The book also offers an insight into other aspects of yoga including Pranayamas, common Mudras ( hand gestures) , the Bandhas and cleansing techniques known as Shatkarmas , fascinating !

There are many many more , you just need to type the word Yoga in the search box in Amazon to be overwhelmed, however these 4 will most certainly not disappoint and are both readily available and accessible.

Thank you for stopping by,let me know what you think .

Love and light

Marzia x


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