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Cherries and Yoga

When I lost my mum in November 2014 after a 6 months battle with cancer I was devastated. I felt lost and exhausted, avoiding facing up to my loss by keeping myself busy with my corporate career and my busy family life.
I started 2015 with the intention of finding time for myself and I thought a local yoga class would be ideal to help me relax and perhaps come to terms with my grief.


Within 3 months from my first time on the mat I found myself practicing every day and still attending one or two classes a week and by June I had decided to become a teacher and registered for a 200Hours Yoga Alliance teacher training with Jill Jones which I completed in April 2016.

The real turning point for me happened when one day, during an early morning meditation I …found myself …literally , I was sitting on my mat in silence, alone with my thoughts and my memories which all of a sudden were not scary anymore , they were just thoughts , my thoughts … that’s when I had the clear vision of what I would love to share with others , the most precious gift Yoga can give you:

the possibility to be present and be you , exactly as you are.

The desire to share this gift underpins my teaching and my practice and I really do hope that I can help Yoga bring light into your life as it has done for me whatever your current battles or goals may be.

Yoga can help you with your physical body by helping you develop  

strenght,flexibility,balance and coordination.


It will give you a new perspective on your breath and how the breath can help you change your energy levels and your mood.

It will definitely help your mind by cultivating resilience and helping you               

re-descover your "relaxed-self". 


Don't just take my word for it though here is a lovely testimonial from one of my many lovely students: 

Have been doing yoga for a few weeks now , and can honestly say I walk out feeling like a whole new me, every single class, my body feels revitalised and my spirit free, I stretch muscles I never knew I had and feel overall healthier. I love the relaxing part at the end with the scented eye masks! All so relaxing which is a big reason why I did yoga, very friendly and welcoming class ! The teacher is a breath of fresh air and very calming which is perfect for yoga ! ( Sammy - Mapledurwell Village class) 

One last note on the name Cherry Yoga. A few years ago my parents bought a rural house up in the Colli Euganei area in the Veneto region of Italy where I am originally from . Somewhere near the house there was an ancient cherry tree so big you could hardly hug it .
Despite its size this tree was capable of giving the sweetest tiny fruits. Sadly the tree had to be taken down but its seedlings live on in the smaller trees all around.
The same is true of Yoga, born 5,000 years ago or earlier it still lives on today , in every down-dog and every head-stand and every savasana we take.
The sweet taste of cherries will live on as long as there are cherry trees …

I spent many lazy afternoons under the shade of this tree doing nothing but laying on the grass watching the clouds go by, and being present, being me.

Thank you for reading.

Love and Light



My name is Marzia and I am so happy you are looking into the possibility of beginning  your Yoga journey with me.

Since I started practicing in 2015,

Yoga has done a lot for my body and my mind and I believe it can help you too!

Read on to find out more about my story and how I believe Yoga can help you too.

Namaste !

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