Cherry Yoga is a lot more than just Yoga classes . 

I am committed to bring the light of Yoga into the wider community.

Find out more about my services and initiatives.

Fun and engaging group classes

My passion is to bring yoga to as many people as possible, I offer several weekly sessions during the day and the evening . You do not need special equipment or flexibility , all you need is willingness to learn and  a good sense of humour. Browse the Classes section for more information or contact me for an informal chat.

Pay as you go or buy a block of 5 classes and save.

Corporate Yoga Services

Combining over 15 years of corporate experience in customer service and the experience and training received by Yoga Alliance , Cherry Yoga can offer programs to you and your employees to suit your needs.
Offerings include convenient lunch time Yoga sessions, workshops on specific areas of concern such as wellbeing at work , mindfulness, healthy office habits, meetings icebreakers etc… all you need to provide is a suitable room to accommodate the sessions ( the ideal space required per person is about 4 sqm).

Indicative pricing : £60 for 45 min yoga session 

Individual sessions

One to one sessions are ideal if you are new to Yoga or if you want to focus on particular areas. I tailor each session to your requirements, whether your are looking to gain confidence before joining a group class or looking for a practice to support you on your main sporting activity my studio in Beggarwood is ideal.

If you prefer to have private sessions at your place of residence I can also travel to you.

Group classes Basingstoke Studio41

I collaborate with a leading fitness studio in Basingstoke offering one session of Hatha Yoga a week , supporting functional and Hiit training sessions. The studio is in Chineham , easily accessible and fully equipped. Cherry Yoga students can use a bundle credit to attend the classes ( subject to availability) .

Yoga for golfers

Golf and Yoga have so many synergies. A regular yoga practice may not necessarily improve your game but it will certainly help you improve flexibility and strength hence decreasing your risk of injury.
Yoga brings body and mind together more than any other discipline, a lot of the breathing practices can be very useful to help maintain concentration and regain focus during what can be a very extended game.
Check my website or Facebook for details on workshops or contact me to arrange a one to one.

Bride and groom Yoga

If you are looking for something different to do with your friends as you prepare for your big day get in touch. I can offer group hen-night sessions or day before sessions for the future bride or groom.

Supporting local charities

Since early 2016 I have been working in partnership with local charities including Sebastian's Trust and Victoria's promise  and in 2017 I became a Yoga Quota badge holder, pledging at least 4 charity classes a year. If know of a charity whose users would benefit from yoga please get in touch by clicking on the Yoga Quota badge on the left! 

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